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Whether your floors are outdated, damaged, or you simply want a new look, at Hale’s Floor Covering, LLC in South Windsor & Niantic/East Lyme, CT, we have the high-quality products to enhance your home or business. Not sure what you are looking for? Our friendly, knowledgeable team will work with you to determine the product that will meet your needs and fit your tastes and lifestyle. We provide repairs and installations for many types of flooring, and with our wide range of options, you are sure to find the perfect choice.

 We Offer a One-Year Installation Warranty on All Products!

Our Team Repairs & Installs the Following Types of Flooring:

Hardwood, South Windsor, CT


Hardwood flooring is an elegant, timeless choice that can enhance the appearance of any room. There are so many options in terms of grains, finishes, and shades that there is a hardwood option that will suit any room and any taste. Plus, hardwood is easy to maintain and clean, and it can last for decades when properly cared for. Hardwood is a great long-term investment, because it increases the value of your home in the event that you decide to sell it.

Laminate, South Windsor, CT


Laminate flooring is created from compressed composite wood that is then made to look like hardwood. For this reason, although it appears similar to hardwood, it is much cheaper. Laminate is also highly durable, resistant to damage, and easy to clean. If you are seeking that elegant hardwood look but want to save a few bucks, laminate might be the way to go.

Cork, South Windsor, CT


Cork is an eco-friendly flooring option that looks great and is soft and comfortable underfoot. It also helps to diffuse noise, allowing for softer acoustics as compared to hardwood, laminate or tile options. Cork is durable and will last for years to come because it is insect-resistant; plus, it is hypoallergenic, making it beneficial for those who suffer from chronic allergies.

Carpet, South Windsor, CT


If you have small children or older members of your family living in your home, carpet is a safe option, as it creates cushion in the case of falls and provides more traction than other flooring types. It also improves insulation, meaning you may experience decreased energy bills. Noises are muffled with carpeting, creating softer acoustics. For a cozy, inviting look, carpet is a great choice.

Porcelain Tile, South Windsor, CT

Porcelain Tile

Many people choose porcelain tile for their bathrooms or kitchens, but it is a great option for any area of a home or business. This type of flooring is extremely easy to clean and is water- and stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for areas subject to spills or moisture. Plus, when properly taken care of, porcelain tile can last for decades, making it a great long-term investment. Because of porcelain’s high density, this type of flooring is one of the most durable, meaning it can withstand weight and foot traffic.

Vinyl, South Windsor, CT


Vinyl is an ideal option for office buildings, warehouses and other commercial buildings because of its impressive durability and strength. However, it is also great for the home, because there are so many options when it comes to colors and styles that it can match any taste and any room. Vinyl sheet flooring can be made to simulate wood, while vinyl tile and luxury vinyl tile can look very similar to porcelain tile, but at a lower price point. We provide vinyl tile, luxury vinyl tile, and vinyl sheet flooring options.

Sub-Floor, Refinishing, Leveling, Estimates, South Windsor, CT

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